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Business Consulting

We advise agencies and corporations on operations and planning, marketing, domestic and international sales opportunities, R&D, and advanced technologies. We specialize in helping others understand the U.S. Coast Guard.

International Sales

We generate domestic and international sales. We represent major suppliers and purchasers throughout the Americas and Europe. We have helped large and small corporations sell products meeting U.S. Coast Guard needs.

Technical Analysis

We create project plans, develop work breakdown categories, and monitor schedules. We generate mission plans, earned value metrics, and returns on investment. We develop “white papers” that explain mission needs.

Offshore Wind

Our offshore wind team is deeply experienced in analysis, engineering, and operations. We provide consulting services and act as local agents for mid-sized companies in Scotland (and throughout the U.K. and Europe) who sell products and services in the U.S. We also assist mid-sized companies in Maine and throughout New England trying to provide services and equipment to mid-sized companies in the European offshore wind market.

Our Consultants Have Served In Business, Operations and R&D

Our professional staff includes PhDs, MBAs, and engineers. With nearly 100 years of combined experience in operations and R&D, we can kick start your project or business. Let us help you by analyzing options and laying out alternatives in a side-by-side comparison. If you have a serious challenge, and need to know your options…we can help.


John Kermet, COO, Seakeeper

“We build gyro stabilizers for yachts, and have installed a few on special purpose U.S. Navy boats. To meet our growth goals, we needed to know who to contact and how to market our products. We got the help we needed…and at an excellent price.”

Mike Yriondo, Asst Proj Mgr, Eastern Shipbuiding Group

“We needed detailed knowledge of Coast Guard cutters and how they would be operated. The advice we received was invaluable and has positioned us to become the biggest provider of ships to the U.S. Coast Guard.”


Dirigo Strategies is a proud member of the Maine International Trade Center (MITC), Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN), Maine Technology Institute (MTI), and the Greater Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce. We also work with PTAC, Tech Place and SCORE.
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