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We have the experience and ties that can help you sell
your goods or services in the U.S. and internationally.

U.S.-Canada Ocean Techonology Conference (Orono 2016)

Capabilities include:

  • Providing direct consulting
  • Helping you generate business plans, employee handbooks, market analyses, data analyses, and studies of factory layouts to improve efficiency
  • Linking you with top Human Systems engineers so you can ensure that employees are efficient, happy, and safe
  • Linking you with size appropriate accountants, bookkeepers, and banks
  • Linking you with industry appropriate lawyers and engineers
  • Providing seminars, workshops, and studies on a wide variety of business topics aimed at making you more competitive


We have the experience that can help you sell your goods or services to U.S. government military services and agencies.

Custom Designed Crane – Helo Training (Apex Industries, 2015)

Capabilities include:

  • Providing direct consulting
  • Helping you draft proposals, project plans, organizational charts, and GANTT charts
  • Helping you understand ITAR and how to comply
  • Linking you with top government proposal writing experts
  • Introducing you to the difference-makers in the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and other military services and government agencies.
  • Connecting you with free government advice and support; ensuring that you know how to get help with your business
  • Assisting you in marketing effectively during trade shows

We search for innovative ways to provide our customers with a competitive edge by connecting government with industry and connecting people, ideas and tools to get things done. That’s part of our winning strategy.​

We are currently providing clients and institutions:

  • Operational experience for design and prototype feedback
  • Access to U.S. Coast Guard and Navy requirements and decision-makers
  • Training in cyber, counter-terrorism, and R&D
  • Advice on energy, “big data”, competitiveness, and complex modeling and simulation
  • Assistance with international sales, industrial and regional benefits (IRB), and upgrading manufacturing equipment and assembly lines at reduced pricing
  • Assistance with business planning

Wave Tank (Advanced Structures and Composites Center 2016)

Gene Bojarski, Saab Defense and Security, 10/2/17 (after winning a major U.S. Navy/U.S. Coast Guard contract)

“Your professionalism, prodding, insight, customer briefs, customer meetings, tradeshow interactions and phone calls were all important elements. It has been a long haul and your efforts are very much appreciated. Now, we will work to provide your former shipmates and our Coast Guard with the best possible system.”

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