Our Expertise

We provide support to corporations and the US Government. Our analysts cover specific shipboard operation from aviation to cyber security.

  • We have won government contracts and have helped industry clients submit proposals, large and small.
  • We manage and assist industry with small projects and entire programs. Some projects involve hundreds of employees, and some involve just a few.
  • We have introduced clients to the key government decision makers so that products can be seen and evaluated.
  • We have connected corporations in similar and dissimilar industries to drive costs down for all parties.
  • We have worked with some of the top proposal writers in the U.S. and can help clients make those connections.
  • We work with human systems engineers that compete for $8B awards and bring the latest and best technology to the contest. We can help you ensure employee safety and efficiency, and plan out the next assembly line or process upgrade.
  • We provide discreet connections to individual coaches whose profession is to help rising industry leaders with business customs awareness at home and abroad, and with improving presentation and speaking skills.
  • We have drafted or helped draft project plans, GANTT Charts, Organization Charts, Employee Handbooks, Business Plans, cost accounting systems, and earned value metrics and systems.

Recent Projects:

  • Supported a foreign contractor by successfully enabling multiple online networking opportunities between U.S .and foreign maritime industry companies. 
  • Supported a major push for a client to connect with two new government agencies, providing full up-to-date contact information.
  • Supported a client in locating all USAF Bases and their contracting points of contact for more efficient hangar storage support systems.

One of the projects we have supported since 2011 is the introduction of Sea Giraffe, a multi-purpose radar, built by Saab USA for the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy. We’ve provided introductions, briefs, and guidance as Saab USA in Syracuse, New York, worked to become the premier provider of a light weight radar useful in self-defense, search and rescue, law enforcement, and oil and ice detection.

Photo courtesy of Saab USA.

We work with institutions and companies interested in everything from ice operations to unmanned vehicles (USV, UUV, and AAV). The Michigan Technological University, through its Great Lakes Research Center, does both.
The Smart Ships Coalition is a network of scientists, policy makers, resource managers, innovators, mariners and educators working collaboratively on opportunities to apply autonomous technologies to new marine applications, especially those that are dull, dirty and dangerous.

The Smart Ships Coalition launched a Great Lakes test bed, the Marine Autonomy Research Site (MARS) in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula as the world’s first freshwater site for testing surface and sub-surface autonomous vehicles/vessels and related technologies. MARS is open to all members of SSC wishing to test operation, safety and other aspects of autonomous technology within internationally recognized guidelines and best practices. The site is supported by Michigan Technological University’s Great Lakes Research Center and extends in a 30-mile radius from campus.

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