Companies Represented

Through our alliance with R. J. McGregor & Associates, we represent companies worldwide.


We offer “in place” representatives familiar with markets and local rules.


APEX Industries


GOW Group, Inc.

Hendrix Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Kennedy-Francis Consultants

Menu Tools, Inc.

MiVa Engineering Ltd

Nanaimo Foundry & Engineering



WaVv Enhanced Business Solutions


Light Structures, AS

Vestdavit, AS

Courtesy of APEX Industries


Randall McGregor MBA; Toronto
Maria Schwarz M.A.; Toronto

Julia Kennedy-Francis; Calgary

Penny Leech; Saskatoon

Greg Browning; Ottawa
Ron Surette; Ottawa
Michael Barton; Ottawa

Guy Bourget; Quebec

Bill Dashwood ; New Brunswick
Wayne McKay; New Brunswick

Ron L’Esperence; Nova Scotia
Sharon Archibald; Nova Scotia
Ellen Stoddard; Nova Scotia

George Osmond; Newfoundland and Labrador


Philip Woodcock; Rotterdam

Our Canadian connection with R. J. McGregor & Associates allows us up-to-date information on business opportunities throughout Canada and in Europe. We are their official representative in Maine, and with them, specialize in helping companies on both sides of the border establish the connections and procedures needed to take sales into a larger arena. We can help your business engage with an existing list of international clients and contracts, and keep you connected through our ever-growing team. Regardless of nationality, we can often help you identify capital offsets in the form of IRBs/ITBs that fund the project you are interested in pursuing. If you are a U.S. company, we can help you seek grants, SBIRs and partnerships that aid in growth. When you are ready to take your sales international or increase your global presence, contact us today. We can help.

Anaerobic Digester Biogas Site completed by GOW Group, Inc., courtesy of Complete Synergy Systems of Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada, 2015.

GOW Group, Inc.

Your one stop shop for all metal fabrication.

GOW offers complete projects from conceptual design, detailing to fabrication, machining to assembly, painting and installation.

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